Building a TYPO3 extension in Extbase/Fluid

Configuring the form structure

If your database table has lots of fields it will be good to structure the backend form in which you edit the records.
edit /typo3conf/ext/your_extension/Configuration/TCA/YourModelObject.php

Display extensive forms as tabs

in array 'types' add


before the field you want to be the first in a new tab

The first tab (before the first one you add) does not have to be set up and will be called “General” by default.

Display associated fields in a row

If you want certain fields to be displayed in a row rather than below each other separated by a horizontal line, you’ll need to use so called “palettes”

  1. edit array 'palettes':
    'palettes' => array(
        'myPalette' => array('showitem' => 'field_1,field_2','canNotCollapse' => 1),
        'myPalette' => array('showitem' => 'field_1,field_2','canNotCollapse' => 1),
  2. in array 'types' add the following code instead of the fields (in this case field_1,field_2) you want to replace by the palette
    myPalette at the end indicates the key of the palettes array

set the called names for the tabs in localisation file for backend (see chapter Labeling the form fields/Localisation)