Building a TYPO3 extension in Extbase/Fluid

Options for your frontend plugins

Add a frontend plugin

How to add a frontend plugin to your extension.

Add a non-standard/special plugin

How to add a non-standard plugin. The example explains a plugin that displays a filtered list of your records instead of a list of all records.

Extension Configuration/Plugin Options: TypoScript

How to set default and website specific configuration variables for your plugins via TypoScript

Plugin options for content elements [FlexForms]

How to add plugin options to your content element forms of type “Insert Plugin”. If you want to filter the records of your extension model this is the right way to set the respective variables within the content element form (of a content element of type “Insert Plugin”).

Change query settings

How to change settings for the queries in your controllers/repository, e.g. if you save all your extension records in one storage folder and thus want to spare your editors the selection of the storage folder in the “Insert Plugin” content element.

Speaking URLs for your plugin

How to configure the built-in RealURL extension to show your views with nice URLs.

Problems with RealURL and cHash

How to solve the problem with the error message “Page not found: Reason: Request Parameters could not be validates (&cHash Comparison failed)”

ViewHelper returning multiple values

How to set up a ViewHelper to return multiple values. This might be helpful if you need to pass various dynamically generated variables.